Neptune is not a good choice to take a Celestial Navigation Fix by sextant.

Neptune is very hard to see with the naked eye. < <
Neptune is our outermost planet from the Sun and the 3rd largest planet in our Milky Way. Neptune has 14 known moons and 6 rings. It takes Neptune 164.79 Earth years to orbit our Sun once. Neptune has the fastest winds of any planet in our solar system. Neptune’s winds move mostly in an Easterly direction at 100 meters per second; 360 Kilometers PH or 220 Miles PH. The temperatures on Neptune range from a maximum near the center of the planet of 7,000 K {12,000 F or 6,700 C} to a minimum temperature in Neptune’s upper regions of 50 Kelvin or minus {- 370 F} or {- 223 C}. Neptune’s clouds are mostly made of methane and ice crystals. The lower atmosphere of Neptune is made mostly of hydrogen and helium with water and compounds of rocky material. Neptune’s upper atmosphere may be composed of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide ice crystals. One day we will navigate the atmosphere of Neptune, one day! Over: SNW



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